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They may also have to hop into a design tool to extract the assets they need for their project. On a day-to-day basis, front-end developers turn visual elements, mockups, and prototypes into functional website and app interfaces while keeping a clean codebase that’s easy to understand and maintainable. This often requires spending significant amounts of time debugging and searching for pesky coding bugs that crop up and fixing them by refactoring code. The Editorial Team at is composed of certified interview coaches, seasoned HR professionals, and industry insiders. With decades of collective expertise and access to an unparalleled database of interview questions, we are dedicated to empowering job seekers.

By joining Globant, Pentalog strengthens its offering with new innovation studios and an additional 51 Delivery Centers to assist companies in tackling tomorrow’s digital challenges. A common qualification for front-end roles is for the candidate to have either a BS/BA degree or equivalent experience. If the role is open to applications from bootcamps and self-taught developers, this is also the section to communicate that.

What does a front-end developer do?

Development – Responsible for design, development, testing, deployment, and support of front-end applications. This sample job post will introduce your organization’s culture and values, while helping potential candidates understand how they’ll contribute from Day 1. Front-end development, along with all its other perks, is also financially rewarding. On Glassdoor, the current average salary for a front-end developer is $84,959, with $79,235 as base pay and the other $5,724 coming from bonuses. They should also have experience with responsive design frameworks such as Bootstrap and libraries like jQuery.

A front-end developer is responsible for designing and implementing the user interface of a website or web application. This is because a Front-End Developer is responsible for implementing visual elements that users see and interact with in a web application. Their work involves designing and implementing visual elements that users engage with in a web application. Today, we present a customizable front-end developer job description template, designed for effortless posting on job boards or career sites. Pentalog is a digital services platform dedicated to helping companies access world-class software engineering and product talent. With a global workforce spanning 16 locations, our staffing solutions and digital services power client success.

Front-end Developer job description

The actual salary can differ based on factors such as experience, skills, location, and the company they work for. Certifications not only enhance the developer’s skill set but also demonstrate a commitment to continual professional development. Many employers look for candidates who are familiar with responsive design principles and have experience in graphic design. Continuous learning is also crucial, as new tools and technologies are constantly emerging in the field.

front-end developer job description

They are usually supported by back-end web developers, who are responsible for server-side application logic and integration of the work front-end developers do. Lastly, attract potential candidates by mentioning competitive salaries and benefits, flexible work arrangements, professional development opportunities, and access to cutting-edge technologies and tools. This will make your job description more enticing to top talent in the front-end development field.

Front-End Developer Salary

Candidates with 2-3 years of experience often have a portfolio showcasing their proficiency in front-end technologies and their ability to translate UI/UX designs into code. They work closely with web designers to turn static design files into interactive elements on the website. A Front-End frontend developer training Web Developer is a tech industry professional who builds the front portion of websites that customers, guests, or clients use on a daily basis. As a front-end developer at [Your Company Name], you’ll work with our designers and back-end developers to bring our websites to life.

  • While basic qualifications focus on education and experience, this section gives employers the space to list the must-have technical competencies and soft skills required by the role.
  • Today, we present a customizable front-end developer job description template, designed for effortless posting on job boards or career sites.
  • We are looking for programmers with a keen eye for design for the position of front end developer.

We expect you to be a tech-savvy professional, who is curious about new digital technologies and aspires to combine usability with visual design. Outline the responsibilities and duties of the role in detail; include information about the location, type (full-time, part-time, remote, etc.), and nature of the role. Highlight the exciting aspects of the position, like opportunities for collaboration with talented designers and back-end developers, as well as the chance to work on innovative projects. To attract the best talent in the competitive field of front-end development, your job description should be comprehensive and appealing.

Is it difficult to hire Front-End Developers?

According to the job description for a front-end developer, this individual is an essential part of any development team. In broad terms, a great front-end developer possesses excellent communication and collaboration skills. Since front-end development connects design with back-end logic, it’s a job that necessitates effective teamwork. While we do have dedicated back-end developers, we’re a small team, and everyone wears multiple hats.

Our agile contracts make projects easy to ramp up, easy to scale and easy to exit – if you need to. The examples above are just some examples; a front-end developer’s specific OKRs will vary depending on the organization and project goals. Delivery – Agile delivery of solutions aligned to business needs while maintaining a high standard of quality. When you load a website or application, the experience consists of two environments.

Front-End Developers should be proficient in coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Knowledge of web development frameworks like AngularJS, React, or Vue.js is also beneficial. They may also gain experience by working on personal projects or contributing to open-source projects. Their goal is to ensure user friendliness and seamless functionality for all front-end elements.

front-end developer job description

This hands-on experience allows Front-End Developers to build a portfolio of work to showcase their skills to potential employers. Additionally, practical experience, either through internships, freelance work, or personal projects, is highly beneficial and often expected in this role. In our increasingly digital world, the focus on front-end developers is more pronounced than ever.


Qualifications for a job description may include education, certification, and experience. A front-end web developer is responsible for the development and maintenance of websites. This is your next step to creating laser-precise listings or refining your resume to absolute perfection.

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